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Alien Life Form

Alien Life FormI was practicing with the sculpting tools in Blender and think I may have discovered a new species. It started out just as a rough egg-head shape with a neck, then I began to play and tweak some things and it looked rather wrong in a transporter accident with an ant kind of way. So… I kept playing. I finally decided I could not do much more damage, so I played with the twist tool. That caused the eyes to REALLY deform, so I used inflate to put them back. Sorta. Not so much eyes as just bog spheres.

I was about to trash it when I decided to try a rendering first, just for kicks. That had a lot of odd shaped protrusions where in the process of using the twist a bit too energetically on the eyes, I had thrown vertices in every direction. I could see the alien, under the mess, so I decided to see what happened if I removed the wild vertices. It took some zooming out a long ways, but I deleted all the vertices that radiated out from the figure and hit render once again.

Removing those stray vertices caused this funky latticed effect in the eyes, with this nifty swirled pattern to them. I just had to see what they looked like with a red glowy light inside of them. Reposition the main light so it had better illumination and give it a yellowy-green tone to it.

I saved this guy’s .blend file so I can work on him more and make a proper alien at a later time. This wrecked mistake just became the first original weird looking alien I’ve created in Blender.


And, no, this did not start out as the head in the update post. LOL This was an entirely new model made from scratch for the purpose of playing with the sculpting tools.

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