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Challenge Accepted: BlenderArtists – Plastic

I joined and have participated in my first contest there. I got a bit carried away by my idea and insomnia and spent most of Saturday and part of Sunday learning how to use Blender’s sculpting tools to create a plastic army soldier.

Here is my finished entry for the contest ~ (click to view a larger version of it)


The ground and grass were tossed in just to give him a setting for the picture. I plan to remove those and continue working on the soldier. Make him a few buddies maybe and refine him some more. I have this mental image of a lost group of soldiers that are somehow turned into real people, but still tiny in size. I’m still working out just what mission, other than survival, they might have, not to mention how exactly they are brought to life. Maybe just the strength of the imagination of the kid that lost them? I’ll be working on this idea and the models more.

UPDATE: Out of 15 entries my little lost soldier did not win, but he did get three votes to tie with another entry for 3rd place.  And I voted for the guy that won, so that was three people other than me that thought my soldier was good. I feel so happy. 😀

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