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The SIMS 3: Game of the Dead Edition

With The SIMS 4 just around the corner, it seems like a great time to look at what I like to call The SIMS 3: Game of the Dead Edition. This is not to be confused with any Game of the Year editions, this is all about things that people think should die that… well just don’t die. Like zombies.

Yes, The SIMS 3 has zombies in it, at least it does if you have the Supernatural expansion pack for the game. I have just got that and have not yet played in the zombie madness, but it should be fun and I am going to share my setup plans so anyone else can have their own The SIMS 3: Game of the Dead Edition.

Just follow that link or choose Games & Gaming in the menu at the top of this page and work your way down to the right page…

Games and Gaming
> Game Tips
>> The SIMS 3
>>> The SIMS 3: Game of the Dead Edition

I will be including on there all of the information, tips, links to custom content and mods and other things needed to run your very own Game of the Dead Edition of The SIMS 3.

What to expect in the Game of the Dead Edition:

I will be showing how I used mods and game design elements to create a laboratory from which the zombies can escape. I will also be sharing links to creations that fit into the theme by my wonderful fellow SIMS3 players who have created custom content, including items based on The Walking Dead, Supernatural and other great inspirations.

What I am using:

  • The SIMS 3 base game
  • The SIMS 3 Ambitions Expansion
  • The SIMS 3 Supernatural Expansion
  • Custom Content by SIMS 3 content creators (links will be provided)

NOTE: For now I am replacing my OSZG project with this project, all of the custom content that I create for The SIMS3 Game of the Dead Edition will, eventually, be re-purposed into OSZG so since The SIMS3 Game of the Dead Edition is pretty much Plug&PLay I am going to focus on game resource creation that works in The SIMS 3 and make it for OSZG at a later time using the same base meshes. (Which are all going to be available for others to tweak and play with.)

ALSO! Look  for these upcoming Game of the Dead Editions by me:

The SIMS 2: Game of the Dead Edition when I have the time I will also make a guide to The SIMS 2 for a Game of the Dead Edition, since I know a LOT of people, me included, still adore The SIMS 2 and have tons of custom things for it.

The SIMS 4: Game of the Dead Edition Need to wait for the game to release and for me to start getting things set up for how to build your game to prepare for the end to come.

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