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Why I avoid most forums

WARNING: Unfiltered forum vulgarity ahead!

I was reminded today of why it is that I avoid most of the forms on the Internet. They are a shark pit for some of the worst of the online world. I was trying to figure out how to make a program work using a mod. Simple enough normally for me, I run a lot of Open Source programs and games that allow free modding, so I can usually sort things out for myself. This had me a little baffled though, so I went looking for an answer to how to make things work right. And found the kind of unhelpful trolls that you can only find in Internet forums.

So, my issue.  I have SIMS3 and I have not played the game in far too long. I tried to start it up and, of course, it needed to update. The last time I turned the thing on was around 2011, just before things in my life went *boom!* in the middle of a lot of family bullcrud. Been a long time sorting that out, and now I am back to my gaming.

So… I have been playing SIMS2 for the past few days and decided, “what the hell?” I loaded up SIMS3 last night and it said, no surprise, it had to update. And update. And update again. All night updating. Whew! Finally got through all that and started working on getting the game to load. No luck. My copy of AwesomeMod expired back in 2011. Ooops! Okay, off to the AwesomeMod site to get a new copy and get it working.

Three tries later I decide there has to be something I am missing, so I hit the forums over at to see what I can figure out. And there they are… encouraging me NOT to ask for help on a HELP forum.

In response to someone asking for help with what looked to be a similar issue to mine, I see someone respond with a helpful bit that really does not fix my issue after all, then someone suggest that explanation is made a sticky and locked post… then, this brilliant addition to the discussion:

Maybe you should make a new thread, title it “How to Install framework and AM”, put that info in it, and then get it locked.  Maybe then the dumbfuck noobs that can’t seem to search might actually see it in the list and read it before asking the same question again.

But then again, maybe they won’t.

Yeah. Thank you for your cheerful help to the new (and old) gamers out here that run into an issue and go to a help forum to ask a question. Bravo. I know that people ask the same question multiple times, but you know what, it really does not hurt the place. The guy that runs it might have ads that get him money to pay his hosting fees for each thread that someone opens to read, so… maybe you should be nice to the new players that are only wishing they could learn how to enjoy the game more rather than chase them off and make them feel crappy for having to ask a question.

There are no stupid questions., only stupid answers.

There was more rudeness on that thread, but sharing all of that is not the intent of this post. I moved on to another post, that looked more like it might have what I needed to figure out my issue and it seemed to be more possible to hold the answer. It did not have the help I was hoping for, ut the trolls came out once again with answers as helpful as:

No. Go away.


When was the last time you checked twallan’s mods?  They have been updated for 1.66/1.67 and some have even been done by twallan himself.  Now fuck off.

My personal favorite in this thread was, of course, the one that proved how useless the place would be for me to get an answer about the program the site supports.

Your request WAS stupid, because it’s been asked for over and over and over again. The answer is always “NO, UPDATE YOUR DAMN GAME”, so what made you think that you were special enough to get a different answer?

I just updated my game completely up to date and downloaded the latest version of AwesomeMod. I went through all the steps suggested in the fixes. I am not going to feed the trolls of that site by asking how to fix the issue. I am just going to ditch AwesomeMod so I can play my game and will reinstall it at a later date when I have found the answer to my issues running it.

Thank you forum trolls for never failing to make those around you want even more to stay away from where you are, and to all those forum moderators and owners out there who wonder why their forums are filled with useless chatter and not people discussing your product. You might see if some of your “friends” are belittling and harassing your guests and chasing them off.


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