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Annoying AdWare Popups

In my work with Blender I decided that I would like to make some video footage of the work I have been up to as I am making things. This is good, except I think that one of the two camera options I downloaded might have snuck through adware in the installation process. My own dumb fault, I think, since I loaded up the program and agreed to the user stuff, then another one showed up, I started to read but coming down with the flu I only vaguely saw what it was and went ahead and agreed. I was told about the program from a Blender site I trust, after all.

Silly me. At the third user agreement I realized something was fishy and looked closer at the print in the main box above the “Accept decline” boxes and there was something about a virus scan tool trial or something. I did not pay much attention past that saying “DECLINE!” would not stop the camera loading. Stupid me, I think I accepted two other things before I caught what the installer was up to. Always read everything.

This was a little sneaky one too. I did not realize it was there at first. I went to a gaming website that was ad intense checking information on Mortal Kombat X the other day and saw a popup along the side of the screen for “hot deals”. Ignored it. No biggie.

Today I opened up MY website, this one, and I know that I have no ads on here at the moment because I am focusing on content then will bring back a few small unobtrusive ads on the site. Popup on the side on THIS website? I don’t think so!

I knew either someone had hacked my site, or my computer. Number one suspect – I did a stupid move and let adware slip past Avast. It tries so hard to make up for my stupidity too, poor program.

menubarSo, I stare at this “Hot Deals!” ad on the side of the screen for a moment. Then right-click in a safe-looking area on the backdrop of the slide-out menu and get a menu of options.

Down at the bottom of the list of options I select “Inspect Element (Q)” to bring up my little inspector at the base of the screen.

This leads me to conclude that the culprit is datafastguru, you can see it in the line of code here… click for larger view:

Having discovered what I believe the gremlin to be I do a search and find more information on how to remove the pest at the Mozilla Support forums which points me to: Troubleshoot Firefox issues caused by malware. And that is where I am now, working my way through the “how to remove this junk” information on getting adware off my poor abused computer.

Oh, and the potential culpret, who may or may not be where it came from, was CamStudio. So if anyone else had downloaded that for capturing video of their screen, let me know if you had issues with the hot deals adware popups. I’d like to determine if they are the source of this or where it’s from if not. I assume was them, since there was several efforts to get me to agree to terms of service, one i know was a virus check program, and that is only program I have downloaded in weeks other than a Blender update and Battlefield 3 off the EA servers. Thanks.

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