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Space Station Bay 1: 3D model

This is what I have been working on today. This is to be a sort of pod for a space station, that will allow for a series of these to be connected end to end to create a grouping of entertainment venues or whatever else is needed. I am still working on exactly how they will fit together and if it will be a single hall or if there will be bays off of either side of the hallway.


As you can see it is intended to be along the outer wall area, with ample skylight windows allowing patrons to any establishment a view of whatever is to be seen outside of the space station.

This next shows two views, the left is the model with the skylight roof section removed, the right is the same POV done in a fast render to show how the model is coming together.


This will be a three level bar area, with a cocktail area on the lowest level, a small seating balcony midway up the stairs, and a private area for whatever riff raff runs the space station bar at the top of the stairway.

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