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Final Fantasy XIV Moonfire Faire is back

From August 11 thru September 7th the Moonfire Faire will be held on the beaches of the Costa Del Sol resort in La Noscea.

Adventurer’s should start out in Limsa Lominsa on the Aftcastle at X11,Y13 to begin the quest, which is available to anyone over level 30.

There are some great swimwear sets back from past Moonfire Faire events, as well as a new outfit that for the ladies not only makes a wonderful swimsuit, but paired with a skirt is a nice basic dress look.

Bonus that the new outfits are dyable, so getting a few to make different looks is worth the effort. Also look for the new windchime from the event vendor. Placed inside the house it makes a nice light bell sound with a animated clanger catching in the breeze.

I put three on a pillar in my FC house to create a lovely tiered chime effect with sweet chimes sounding in the main room area.


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