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Steampunk Spammers?

In getting my work back up and going I spent a little time today sorting out my spam filter and discovered something amazing. Spammers are now using steampunk power to try to sneak their spam past filters.

Take a look at this start from a comment trying to sneak past with keywords about some brand name shoes in it.

it was an uphill battle. Few people used them (and the Internet itself was still limited by volume of water is always dosed by a proportioning pump to hydrolyse any acid anhydride

That is exactly how the spam comment starts, with “it”.

Now, some might think this was just a randomized cluster of words, but look closely. “Few people used them” – the ‘them’ in question here are steampunk computers, which, as we all know, are powered by steam (water), however, hydrolyse is a term that refers to the breakdown of a compound through a chemical reaction with water. Something about the pump process for the water is causing a chemical reaction that is interfering with the computer’s access of the Internet.

The system runs on a very precise balance from the look of it, since it seems that to access the Internet it requires acid anhydride; a compound formed by removing water from a more complex compound: an oxide of a nonmetal that forms an acid when united with water.

I don’t know that much about chemistry, to be honest, but it certainly sounds like a basic description of how a computer could run on steam. At least – if we check our brains at the door and just kick back to enjoy a fantastically impossible story. Maybe I will do further research into this revelation of how such systems work at a later time.

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