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3D Steampunk Revolver

Yesterday I began working on a project in Blender. I had no real plans to make anything, I was just going to fiddle around some to familiarize myself with some tools in the program. My simple creation grew rather quickly into a complicated project and it was not long before I found myself staring at the basic start for a steam-powered revolver.

The design is far from finished, even the base model will be changing a lot as I think of new possible additions or decide I dislike something. I looked at some gun designs, both 1800’s revolvers and designs of Steampunk handguns. I did not find anything I actually liked in the Steampunk designs (most are painted Nerf guns it seems). Afterwards I just started with a barrel I had made to start and added in a Colt grip and worked my way between the two adding whatever elements seemed to fit in best.

I kept the cylinder, but it has morphed into less bullet cylinder and more of a mini-boiler tank. I’m thinking I might adjust it so the small tank by the barrel is some kind of fuel oil for the boiler tank. I decided the top cylinder is an exhaust muffler to vent the hot steam away from the hand and cool it, and there is a small series of vents down near the trigger as well, aimed to not burn the hand if you hold the gun in your right hand. (Clear need for a left-hand design to be made now.)

As I fine-tune the design and adjust things I will create a blueprint design for this showing what the parts do. I’m thinking I might use it to create a scene of a workbench with blueprints laying under the finished handgun on a old work desk. That is definitely a ways off, however, so, for now, here is a basic look at the revolver and I will get more pictures up soon.


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