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Define character in writing

I wanted so badly to get started on my character, now that I think I might have Blender working again, that I failed to actually read the first chapter of Game Character Design with Blender and Unity. I created a basic character model sheet for my average goon guard character last night, but when I went to read over what to do with that in the book I discovered that drawing is not the first step in creating a character – writing is. Oops. So, I will back up a bit now and actually follow the advice of my instructor and spend some time working on writing out what this goon type is.  This is actually good, since I want to get into writing more, and writing is, after all, what I want my primary work to be, so… yes, time to slow down on my eagerness to get to playing in Blender and do a bit of writing about my character and define him in detail before I get out the pens and pencils again.

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