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Game Creation: The Idea

I am starting out today to relearn Blender and in my effort to do that I am going to focus on making two characters for a future video game that I will create when I have a much better computer to work on.

Day One: The Idea

I want to focus on things I like, to help keep me motivated, so my goal will be to create something that can be used in a future game that will use grunge-style steampunk aesthetics.

My present goal is to create two characters; a player character and a general goon opponent.

I am thinking that the player character will be some sort of thief or assassin made following the instructions in Character Development in Blender 2.5 by Jonathan Williamson.

For the general goon I am thinking I will make a city guard to oppose the rogue player, and for that I am going to be using Game Character Creation with Blender and Unity by Chris Totten.

For now I am not going to worry about the world or any kind of setting, just the two characters. One a basic game goon, the other a more detailed player character. One benefit of making these a city guard and an assassin or thief is that I can make them wear masks, which means I do not have to place a lot of work and detail into perfectly sculpted faces. I will go back later and create unmasked versions for the both of them, but for now it is time to get out my art supplies and start working on some rough drafts for both the city guard and the rogue.

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