Getting Cold in Alaska

I’ve not got much work done lately because of the cold here making it hard to get much work done on the computer, add to that a hit and run when I am at my desk that has left it buried under a mound of junk. Last night my brother got me a slightly better heater, however, so the place is a little warmer. I can at least sit at the computer without risking frostbite while I type.  I still have poor insulation, but that is not within my finances to fix at the moment. Hopefully I can get the stuff I need before things actually get cold here. It is currently hitting -8 F at night according to the app on my phone that checks a weather station in a nearby town. I know it is usually a bit colder there than there, but I do not have a thermometer here.

For the moment things are at least warm enough with the new heater I can do some work, so I am going to take advantage of that to try to catch up and get my work area cleaned up enough I can get back to work until the temperatures drop again.

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