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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3 was one of the first games I loaded up once I got my PS4 all set up. The third installment in the series, this is, unfortunately, the first Witcher game I have had the opportunity to play. I began what is technically not my first play-through on it today. My roomate ot a copy of the game at the end of November and I played through several missions and a lot of side quests on his system before I go my own system. I might later on move my save data from his system to my own, but for now I am starting a fresh playthrough and share parts of my experience, particularly how I resolve any issues I come across, here.

And as nice as this game is, it is not without some serious bugs still. One of those comes along when Geralt needs to deal with a tree (you’ll know the mission when you see it). As I approached the tree I lost the sound on my PS4 (my roomate’s PS4). It seemed odd, but I did not think anything of it until the next mission when I had three different characters talking and only one of them had a voice, the others only had subtitles. I went on a search online and discovered that this was a common issue that was corrected by exiting the game and reopening it (no need to shut system down).

There are other issues, such as horses that get caught on fences in the background of a cut-scene, or characters that have books awkwardly stuck to their arms during what should be serious prelude-to-romance cut-scenes. And yet even with the issues, this is still a game that is worthy of getting.

I’m just getting going on my mission, set once again on the Death March difficulty, and will post more on this game as I come across things worthy of sharing. One item I do want to do, however, is to create a guide to Gwent, the card game mini games in this game. I will make that it’s own series of pages linked to in a new menu bar I plan to make soon for such things, so watch for a post on that later.

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