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Mass Effect Andromeda Worth the Money?

So, after having played Mass Effect Andromeda for a bit longer I have come to the point where it is time to ask… was it worth the money and worthy of being pre-ordered?

I still have not gotten my monkey, but that is from a combination of my own lack of realizing where and how to get him and then laziness on my part. I’ll pick the pyjak up on my next visit to the Nexus. For now, however, I think I want to suggest that anyone who is feeling a bit let down by Mass Effect Andromeda consider what about the situation was beyond EA’s capability to control.

I have been looking more closely at the characters in the past couple of days and, while I had hoped for something better than what I first saw, I realized that the characters really are rather well done. With the exception of someone who was unconscious moving their lips while talking during one part of a conversation (I’d explain, but… spoilers.) Anyway, the facial expressions and all of that are rather well done. The skin textures are good in the cut-scenes for the default characters, but we all know that the custom made characters are, by necessity, not as pretty to look at as the ones build on the developer’s systems. I will play with the character creator more later on, when I am not playing on Insanity mode, to see how the game renders cut-scenes with custom builds.

I’m kind of both liking and hating the planet scanning. It is not too bad, especially done in small doses like I have been doing it, but I can see where having to survey planets could make a lot of people unhappy. It might have been nice had the planet surveying been set up so that Ryder sent survey groups out after clearing one planet in the system, rather than Ryder visiting every planet in a system to look for minerals.

Multiplayer is great fun, just as it was in Mass Effect 3. I still miss my Talon Mercenary, but the Male Human Infiltrator is making a good alternative to him, and even cuts out at times with “Amateurs!” after some fights, making it easier for me to see the guy as having been a Talon Mercenary back in the Milky Way. Add in a few cain trip mines and an Omni-bow and I could be quite happy, although the mines I have now make the big bads a bit more manageable.

Overall, I’m glad I pre-ordered and think I will be getting my money’s worth out of this game. I also look forward to seeing what EA has in store for releasing over the course of the coming year for it.

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