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Spoiler / Solution: Mass Effect Andromeda – Task: Cultivation … plant location on Eos

I picked up a quest on the Nexus to help out with plant samples from around Andromeda, the Task: Cultivation for the Nexus Hydroponics lab. Goal is to go out and collect up 10 specimens for them. Easy enough, although I was kicking myself for having sold off all those seedlings I had gathered. Turned out that was okay, since the task calls for finding specific plants, not seedling vials.

So, off I go to do a mission on Eos and while I am there I swing by the area where the fist plant sample is to be collected. Seems easy enough, I pull up alongside this huge red rock defying gravity in a way I’ve only seen in Utah and start poking around the base of it for this plant sample it says is there. Nothing. Okay, I do some Omni-tool scans… still nothing. I spent an embarrassing amount of time searching around for the first plant sample in the shade of that damn rock, circled the rock, got spit on by giant sand fleas and shot at by irate aliens. Even nearly died to solar radiation more than a few times. No plant.

I came to the conclusion at long last that the thing, clearly marked as being under the overhang on that rock, must be on top of the rock. Makes sense, the Andromeda team seemed to like to make me climb up monoliths, so why not rocks? I start trying to get on top of it, even going a few rocks away in a search for a rock to climb up so I can jump up there. Nothing. Can’t climb the sides of them, can’t jump to them from the Nomad… it came down to a Google search for the answer… but… no answer. This issue is nowhere to be found online yet.

Back to the puzzling and contemplating just giving up, but anyone that has ran missions in any game with me knows I do not give up easily. I went back to the rock area with my Omni-tool and started working my way search grid style out from the rock. Had to race back to the safety of my Nomad at one point, nearly died of radiation because I was too focused on my search, but… I FOUND IT!

The plant is NOT under the ledge of the rock like it first claims to be, instead it is a couple hundred feet to the east in a small cluster of mini trees and spindly shrubbery.  Look for the cluster of green stalks with red ends on them.

Mass Effect™: Andromeda Task: Cultivation plant location on Eos

7 comments to Spoiler / Solution: Mass Effect Andromeda – Task: Cultivation … plant location on Eos

  • Astraea

    Thanks so much for posting this! Helped me find that damn plant. I’ve found with more experience that the nav points only give you a very general idea of where the plant and mineral samples are. Then you have to follow the indications of the nav point on the top of the screen because the map nav point just shows the general area.

    • admin

      So glad to hear it was helpful to someone. And yes, I’ve been finding that there is a need to do a bit of circular wandering – particularly for the rock samples, since they can be so small. I’ll post on any more that are particularly confounding, and feel free to ask for help if you need. I haven’t finished the game yet, been having too much fun exploring everything.

  • jazznutUVA

    What I have found is if you make it the main mission, it takes you right to it… if it is just a waypoint or you are trying to follow it on a map… you will have more of a search on your hands.

  • admin

    True, JazzNut, but with this particular item it was insisting for a long time that the item was within the rocks under that large rock in the background. I even went so far as to try measuring a crosshair out using the Nomad from a few directions to pinpoint, based on the distance to item, exactly where it was at in that rock to try to find it. It was just blind luck I stumbled across the actual item at which point the location pointer moved to the correct position. So far this is the only one I have had that issue with.

  • Ranz

    Hi! Can i know where the plant sample is in Havarl? I can’t find both of them

    • admin

      Hmm… I will look for that when I get a chance and let you know what I find. I’ve been thinking I should just make a guide like this post for all the hard to find plant samples. There were a few that were bothersome.

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