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Why I do not live stream

There are a few reasons for my not live streaming play, the biggest being that my connection does not allow for such things to be possible. I can not share play or let others watch my gaming. It is a shame, since I have had several requests to watch my gameplay, but until I have enough spare income each month to upgrade to a much better connection, I cannot do any live streams.

Another issue with me doing a live stream is time. It is not that I do not have enough time to do one, rather I am the king of kiting. (or is that queen of kiting?) Whichever… I get into trouble in a fight and I start kiting the enemy. This is great when I have backup, since it allows my companions to attack the enemy and wear it down while I run around and take the occasional pop at it with my sniper rifle. This is not so great when I am trying to take on the enemy alone.

In Dragon Age II there is a fight where Hawke has to fight one on one with the Arishok. This is not generally all that hard of a battle, however, I went into it with a little elf mage girl using mostly fire based spells on nightmare mode. -.- Yeah…. it was ugly.  The Airshok is immune to fire damage on nightmare mode. There I am, trying to damage that guy and my attacks are doing extreme minimal damage to him. Not only that, but every time I do start to win the fight… he pops a healing potion and I am back to square one. I spent a good 6 hours kiting the Arishok in a figure 8 around the pillars, taking occasional breaks to rest my hands. I won in the end, but man that was one of the most grueling battles I have ever had in a game.

At the moment I have Mass Effect Andromeda on pause while I take a break from battling an Ascendant. The Kett Ascendant’s are nasty fellows who have a shield around them, you need to take out the Ascendant Orb that orbits around them to have a chance to take out the Ascendant. Again, normally not that bad of a battle, and yet I am now into hour 3 or 4 of this match. I even had to pause the fight a while ago to go make breakfast and eat it.

Why? Because I am fighting this guy alone. You see, I am attacking a Kett base, and somehow my companions (Liam and Jaal) got glitched in a room behind a locked door with about 4 baddies. A sane person would have reloaded the game, but I realized it was just me and a Chosen in there, so I went for the computers. Logic was that maybe, if I get the computers, my companions would revive. They did not. Instead an Ascendant spawned into the room and I began kiting. I’m on a circuit around the balcony level, pausing now and then to try to get a clear shot at the Ascendant Orb. When the orb is almost finished off I reload and wait for my next opening (which is when the orb pauses so the guy can shoot me). I shoot the orb once, shield drops, and I put my remaining three rifle rounds into the Ascendant before he can get his shield back up. Running this tactic I have got him down to around 1/4 life left. Unfortunately I am nearly out of ammunition and I have depleted most of the ammo drops in the room. There is one drop left that I know of, with one bar for ammo on it. After that… I’ll probably walk up to the guy and give him a big hug, since I seriously doubt I can melee him down. Good news will be my companions will be up to help me out, bad news is I will be back at the start of the mission segment and have a lot of work to do; including that fight all over again.

The real amusing part: Since my companions are locked out of the room with some baddies, and the mission is to eliminate the remaining Kett threat… I will likely win this fight and still have to reload because I can not get that door open to wake my companions and finish off the Kett.

And that is why live streaming would be a bad idea for me. Who wants to watch me spend 6 hours on a fight that did not even get me advanced any in the game and needed to be redone because of my own stubbornness?

Back to the battle for me, I’ll let you know how it turns out in another post later today.

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