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Gamer Journal


I said in my last post that I got the Blackwatch Skin for McCree at long last in Overwatch. It took me 48 levels and a few extra loot boxes to get my hands on the blasted thing, but I am now a very happy Overwatch player. 😀

Even had enough credits to buy all of the voice lines and stuff I had not yet got him from the event.

It was a fun run, even with the few instances where people would drag me into PvP matches when I was trying to play vs AI for gaining levels. I didn’t do terrible, one match we won two rounds before the other team got three wins in a row. I still dislike playing PvP though. It’s okay and offers a good challenge, but I prefer to work with my fellow players, not against them. And besides, the AI in Overwatch seems pretty good – the things know to run for heals and I’ve even seen the bastards camp a heal point when I was in a shootout with them.


I got my Final Fantasy Subscription renewed at long last. I was able to log in to get the Easter  stuff on a couple of my characters thanks to the free to play deal they had had going on at that time, but otherwise I have been out of the game since I think February. I’m still waiting to get the DLC stuff for having got my game time card through Amazon.

I missed playing Final Fantasy and still have to get through the last few parts of the main story quest on Tris’tan and Krys’a so I can take them into Stormblood. I also found out that Stormblood is going to have the early play set for June 16th, making it possible for me to play it on my birthday if I can get that pre-ordered.


Some guys I know have got me to download Warframe and I started up a character on it so I can play matches with them sometimes. So far it seems to be a pretty fun game, although it looks like it had a pretty big learning curve and I expect to be lost a LOT of the time on there.

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