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Gamer Journal

I had planned to work more on getting Krys’a through the main story quest today, but instead I ended up doing some stuff on my little Xaela character Nigen. The leader of her Freecompany was planning ot do their dailies, so I went along on the leveling roulete on her, since she can do as high as Stone Vigil at level 41 and the healer the person was leveling was at level 46. Worked out good.

Before we hit the leveling roulette, however, we got her past the point she has been at for MONTHS in the main story quest, the very first Garuda trial. It was a smooth run with a fun group.

I then cued us up for leveling roulette and got… Garuda normal mode.

Same exact Garuda fight we had just finished, only with different party members joining us (including a tank that was new to the fight but did what we explained and did it very well).

After that I just poked away at more main story stuff on her and picked up both the Blacksmith and Armorer jobs while I was in Limsa.

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