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Gamer Journal

Got everything tended to in Final Fantasy XIV, but did not spend much time in the game today. Just fast retainer checks and tending gardens. The Thavnarian Onion was ready, however, so Tris’tan now has a rank 14 chocobo gathering more experience.

For those who may not know chocobos need special treatment after they reach rank 10 or they can not gain more experience. Once your chocobo stops gaining XP and will no longer level up you need to summon your chocobo using a ghyshal green, then select a thavnarian onion from your item inventory and select “use”. That will feed the onion to your chocobo and display that your chocobo has risen to the next rank. You can then go fate grinding or fighting random monsters with your chocobo to gain him or her more experience.

To get a Thavnarian Onion you want to plant krakka seeds (purchased from the people in the housing areas) beside midland basil seeds using grade 3 Thanalan topsoil. This ONLY works in outside garden beds. You can not use pots inside or separate beds side by side.

If you planted them properly you should get at least one tantala plant seed when you harvest them. (both will give a chance to get the tantala plant seeds.)

You can then plant the tantalla plant seed with jute, broombrush or royal kukuru seeds using grade three Thanalan topsoil and this gives you a chance to get the Thavnarian onion that you need to rank your chocobo up each level past rank 10.

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