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Gamer Journal: Shiva Pony!

I was just lazying about on Tris’tan and ended up joining a late night Shiva pony farm. It was not easy getting members for it at the time it was formed, but we finally got 5 people who did not drop out after a few moments of waiting for the party to fill.

As usual I promised the group that I was there for the long term, and since it was so late in the evening and we were all really wanting to get ponies, I promised them that as long as they were still in the run I would stay until everyone in the starting group had their pony.

It took a while, and there was a long stretch of no pony drops, but by the end of it the organizer had the three tears they needed for their relic weapon, I had a upgraded diamond astrolabe and several other weapons including the dark knight sword, the ninja knives and the warrior axe, and we all had a shiny new Shiva Pony to add to our collections.  There were no nightmare drops, but the person who organized it said they planned to try for a nightmare farm of Garuda tomorrow evening around the same time.

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