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Homeward Bound movie

I watched the Homeward Bound movie for the first time in … I am not sure how many years. It was so much fun watching the adventure’s of Chance, Shadow and Sassy again and I consider this to be one of those timeless movies that I’ll never grow tired of watching over the years.

It does not hurt any at all that Michael J. Fox does the voice for Chance, and that Chance has some of the greatest moments. The scene where he gets his first look at a turkey, the “Arnold Schwarzen-kitty”, or one of my personal favorites; the  “AGH! He bit me with his butt!!!” encounter with a porcupine.

In my experience most movies about animals are either boring to watch or creep over into the realm of fantasy type stories. For Homeward Bound the movie managed to present the animals in very believable scenarios while still giving them a wonderful and very human-style dialogue to share while on this journey. These are not talking animals, these are looks at what your own animals might be saying that you can not understand.

The one flaw I see in the movie is that some of the human scenes are a bit.. lacking. It is not that the actors or crew did not do their best, I am sure they did, it is just… the human scenes have this odd feeling to them of being a bit too flat compared to the tone of the animals. Which, since the animals are most definitely the stars of this particular film, is not exactly a bad thing.

Highly recommended for kids of any age and for adults who just want to see a good movie that will send them along an adventure that sways from intense drama to hilarious comedy to some of the most heart touching of scenes.

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