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Mind Mapping: I hate… Ice cream?

I was working on a mind map for my Sci Fi space travel story that I am working on and it seemed to be going really well, up until I started trying to make a map for things that I hate. At that point I stopped and stared at it in stupification when I wanted to write “Ice Cream” in the “I hate…” map.

That just threw me completely out of the process and left me stammering “but… I DON”T hate ice cream! What the heck brain? How could ANYONE hate ice cream?… well… unless they’re allergic to dairy… but…”

So, okay. This map was not supposed to be about me. I flipped my paper around and underneath the title of the man in the upper left corner I wrote “character plotting map”, just so I would be able to remind myself later on that there was a good reason why I had Ice Cream under the hate entry.

Satisfied I added ice cream and immediately it expanded.

  1. I hate….
    1. Ice Cream
      1. cold
        1. space
        2. ice
      1. semi-melted
        1. Substance between solid and liquid
        2. Cryogenic freezing
          1. Waking in Cryo chamber

I think you can see where my mind when “WOAH!!!!” and realized why for my space travel story ice cream showed up as something that was hated and immediately got “waking in cryo chamber” added to the things I fear mind map.

And, it amuses me that had I not followed “I hate ice cream…” so see where that lead me to, I might not have put something so simple as a fear of waking in a cryo chamber on the list of things that someone living in space might fear. This has lead me to a lot more realizations, including why one of the characters lingering on the sidelines might be claustrophobic.
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