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Writing Journal

I did a lot of work today, got through all of the information on the older original version of the expanded much more intensive class I am taking on series writing and have now started into my first official lesson of the course.

Because it is in the splinters stage and being created around those of us taking the course I had a minor issue with figuring out where I needed to go, and a removed document that was still being linked to where I had THOUGHT I was to go to next did not help… Picture freshman in a college holding a note with a coffee stain over the room number for his first class. He is trying to figure out where the lecture hall for his first class is, so is now wandering aimlessly back and forth along the hallway; staring at room numbers and peeking into various rooms to figure out which one he is supposed to be in. Yeah… that was me for a little while. Just as I was about to go and ask for directions on the forum I figured it out, however, and am now settled in at the back of the room trying to catch up with the rest of the class.

But, I made it, I settled in comfortably and I got to work on the stuff in lesson one. And had a moment of clarity about why mind mapping is awesome.

Okay, so, I had learned about how to mind map in another course by the same person, so I knew what I needed to do. The thing is, my little charts of interconnected word bubbles always made sense to me. They were perfect little collections of connected words, sometimes brief sentences, from my mind. I was just starting to work on a map for what things I hate when I was kicked violently out of the process by the first thing I wanted to write.

I hate… Ice cream?

Yeah, I will let you read the post about that if you want. The point here is that I discovered that mind mapping can be a wonderful tool that had far more power than I had realized if you did it properly and let your subconscious mind play how it wanted to.

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