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Writing Journal

I got a lot of things done today.

For the mindmap for my series I folded up a sheet of 18×12 inch drawing paper from an old Mead art tablet so it could be tucked into my series bible. I then used each section that the folds had divided it into for a separate mindmap that I will be needing.


My next task was to get my writing book a bit more organized. The book that I am using as my series bible is a black C.R. Gibson jumbo journal with a smyth binding so the journal lays flat for writing. I love the journal and have re-purposed it a few times since I got it. This has left me with roughly 25 of the 200 sheets of paper torn out from the front of the journal. So, in my latest re-purposing of it to be the series bible for my series I am working on I am making use of this gap at the front of the journal to tuck notes and assorted things that would otherwise make a journal unable to be closed properly. Beauty of smyth binding – books made with it are nearly indestructible if you leave an edge and don’t tear where the book was sewn.

Since I was starting a new area for my first official lesson in the series writing class, I wanted to separate that from the notes I had already entered while I watched the introductory videos. Taking an old manila envelope I cut the back from it and carefully folded it to the size of the journal, creating a pocket into which I could tuck the folded up mind map for the series. I then carefully glued it into the journal as a permanent addition with a tab at the top cut to fit between the tops of the pages and the top of the journal’s binding.

I also made a small fold-out slip of lined paper that I glued over the information plate of the journal’s forward endpaper. On this slip I wrote that the book is my “Series Bible”, when folded out the four ruled lines hidden inside the new information plate were just enough room for me to write out my 30 word series synopsis where I will always have it easily accessible.

Working through Lesson One of the series writing course, I fleshed out what the core of my series is going to be and added a sheet of typing paper for two blank pages in the book for creating mindmaps, followed by gluing a fold out sheet of paper to the edge of one of the pages in the journal to give me room to a couple of flowcharts.

It was a lot of work for my writing work day, and a significant amount of planning and writing to nail down exactly what the core of the series is going to be.


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