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Writing Journal

Finally, getting more writing done than non-writing stuff

Writing Journal, May 1st

I got some writing work done finally. I did a bit of scheming on the theme to my series, think I have that figured out but not yet ready to share what it is. It also involved a bit of research as I tried to beat into my thick head what exactly the THEME of a story is. Don’t know why, but I keep wanting to make that so much more complicated than it seems that it is.

For me THEME seems like it should be almost a mini plot outline that explains what your story is all about, but it looks like when you look online for story theme most examples are just one word: Love, revenge, injustice…

I’m going to try for a single word summation, which I suppose would be “secrecy” — dunno, but I’ll be expanding that out; up to ten words to define what the theme is. I want to keep it small enough I can write it on one line of my notebook, but expanded enough I am not staring at a potentially broad header for what my story is about. Because, let’s face it, if all you say is that the theme is “Love” then you have a LOT of different stories that could be described.

Series Bible

I have a black leatherette bound journal I have re-purposed a few dozen times since buying it that I have now turned into the Series Bible for my series I am working on. I’ll be using that to keep track of all of the major information that I set in stone about the world and characters.

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