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Writing Schedule with Yard Work Breaks

I’ve started up a new schedule the past few days thanks to a friend I do relaxation writing with. She gets up around 3 or 4am my time to start getting ready for work, so I have started getting up at that time as well to spend a bit of time with her. She leaves around 5am my time, at which time I go get breakfast and either tea or coffee.

I then dive into working for the day. This means I am working from somewhere between 5 to 6am through to 5pm; when my friend gets back home from her job and logs into her computer. During this work time I have been taking periodic breaks to stand up, stretch, walk around and go out into the yard to do some spring cleaning out there (That yard bit – HUGE HUGE HUGE thing for someone like me, let me tell ya! If I hear a car coming down the street, I’m the sort that has a panic attack and wants to find somewhere to hide while it passes.)

I finish up my work day around 5pm, but I’ll do more work here and there during the evening until around 10pm, when I start trying to wind down for sleep. During that time I usually watch a bit of Netflix or Amazon videos – the past few nights it has been things on Quantum Physics and the Universe; both are a fascination of mine and useful for the science fiction series I am working on. Nothing new learned, but still interesting to watch.

So far this work schedule has been resulting in some good socializing with my friend, a lot of writing work getting done, much needed spring yard work getting done, and some good relaxing video time. Hopefully it is a trend that continues until it is a habit.

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