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TV gave up and died finally

Back around 2009 or 2010 I purchased a 40″ Element TV set. After I had to move out of my home in 2012 and into a small camp trailer the TV became my home theater system, one of the very few actual luxury items I kept and made room for in my new small home. After the first year of living in the trailer I noticed the color was going flaky then the TV started having issues turning back on when it was turned off. I would turn it on and it would take hours before it was actually watchable because the color would be all washed out with the blacks all being that sort of blue tone you see in comics. For a while I just left the TV on all the time, but I eventually lost the black colors completely and it was all this wet-washed blue tone where the black color should have been so I stopped leaving the TV on all the time.

Earlier I turned it on so I could watch another episode of Suits while I ate something before I dove back into my work for the afternoon, the TV flickered a couple of times then seemed to be working as normally as it ever does with it’s color issues, then the screen shut off and nothing I have tried has been able to get the picture back. I can get sound, but no image.

It seems that my TV has finally just flat given up and stopped working after all these years and… I have no way to replace it at this time. To say that I am depressed might be putting it lightly, since that TV was 99% of how I calmed myself when the stress got too overwhelming and it could be months before I can get any size to replace it, I seriously doubt I could ever get ahold of another large screen like that one was.

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