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3D Game Level Design Challenge Updates

I have placed my other projects all on the back burner for the moment while I dive into a challenge to design humanity’s future.

The challenge, hosted by ArtStation, is  to design a game environment that depicts the theme of “Beyond Human”; defined in the rules as the next step for humanity – either as our life in a utopian setting or humanity’s evolution taken to the next phases. The finished entry will be presented in a real-time game engine, I am using Unity 4 because I downloaded it years ago and it works on my old computer.

It is possible that a case could be made for insanity, given that the challenge is already well underway, near the middle stage in fact, but I still have a month to work on my submission, so … nothing was ever achieved by not trying, right?

There was a contest before this one for concept art, from which there were many great options to pick, however, I decided that I will work on my own project which is part of something else I have been working on for a while now.

My game level will be part of a scene from a story I have in the works, showing the hall just outside of a market area on a space station where two of the main characters encounter one another. My game level will be based on the hallway area and part of the station’s market district and will include the lower level “subway platform”.

I will be sharing daily work updates on my progress, but I am under no delusion I will be able to make it into any recognized tier. Firstly I am going up against people who have done this stuff professionally for many years, and secondly – yeah, this is the first time I have ever designed a game level. This is going to be a murderous learning curve for me to not only make all the assets and maps needed for a game level, but to also learn how to make a game level in Unity and how to do proper lighting and… I have a LOT to learn. My success will be in the knowledge that one month from now I will have a solid foundation on which to continue building the settings for my story and how to create game levels that work to industry standards.

It’s going to be one hell of a ride… and I’m going to need more coffee.

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