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Eclipse over America… so fitting to my life

So, it seems that the universe has decided to cast a shadow across America. I have not looked a lot into this, it has been a high stress low enthusiasm few weeks for me, but from what I hear this eclipse covered from Alaska to Florida. Pretty impressive and I am sad that I missed getting to enjoy this rare spectacle.  I recall when I was a little kid there was an eclipse that was visible from where we lived. I don’t recall a lot about it, other than all of the warnings about not staring at the sun during the eclipse and all that.

This has given me pause to think about just how… lacking of anything my life has gotten. I love space phenomena, but this eclipse barely registered on my mind. Definitely too much stress going on for me right now, with absolutely no way to reduce it. I seriously need to figure out getting a new TV or maybe getting a new computer that can keep me buried in my work without my having long pauses of stress-inducing “come on computer, just do that already!” The problem is… I can barely keep myself from going under at the moment. There is no way I can save up to get even a decent balanced dinner (I’m living on ramen noodles and rice), getting a new computer that can do the things I need to do is entirely out of the question for now…. maybe next year. (Of course, I said that last year, and the year before… and have realized that I have been saying it yearly for 7 years now.) I need another job so that I can start earning enough to not just struggle to stay alive month to month, but plan for the future and maybe have some fresh vegetables and semi-healthy food at least once a week.

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