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Scorpius Port


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Finalized the entry area for game level

I spent last night and today doing some catch up work on the game and sorting out the finalized look and feel of the entry area. This lead me to creating a cutaway image to help me visualize just how this section would work on the station. This also lead to a lot of research into just how stations might be designed and how gravity could work on a space station. I have to admit that I got more than a little lost in the research her, since I love this kind of stuff. I eventually pulled myself back from the research, however, and have been making decent progress on the visualization for how this area can make scientifically sound sense.

I am going with the classic doughnut shaped spinning station design, creating gravity through scale of the object and rotation. This has lead me to realize that the station is of much grander scale than I had first thought it would be, which actually fits in nicely with the station’s reason for existing in the story I am writing.

Most of my time, however, was spent with Unity. It has been years since I tried to use that program, so I have been working on how to use it. Basic things like how to apply textures to models and how to load and position models in the program.

I have set myself the goal of getting the area fully fleshed out before I go to bed, so that tomorrow I can focus on the design and blocking out for the subway section.

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