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Lantern Model

I’ve got started with Patreon at long last by uploading this lantern as a test at the $5 support tier.

I would normally ask more for a model like this, but since I am still learning how to use Patreon, and how to share model files, I have released it at the $5 support tier; the lowest tier under which I intend to release model files.

I am not yet sure just what frequency I will release models via Patreon, nor how highly detailed the various models will be, but I will be trying to offer higher quality models at higher tiers as I learn more about how the site works and how to best share model files through the Patreon site.

Don’t want to get a model? I am providing images of the models and basic commentary at the public level, with more detailed information and the ability to vote on polls for what models I will share at tiers as low as $1.

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