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Lighting Issues with Knuckle Gun

The knuckle gun is the first model that I have gone for a full photo-based rendering in cycles. I created my own gold tone for the inlay sections and used metal and stone textures I got from Poliigon to create the gun and the stone surface, but I am having some trouble getting the lighting to work right.

Most of my work up until now has been in the Blender render engine or, when I did use Cycles, I was not making anything that had real-world appearance so never worried about how to light might affect the image so long as the image could be seen when I rendered it out.

This seems to have all changed with the use of photo-based realism (PBR) rendering. I am now discovering that what I had thought I had known about lighting was at best minimal and possibly even completely wrong. I am now back to learning how to properly light my scenes.

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