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Made a model ledger for the game level I am building

I have the basic shape of the subway finished and a good number of the larger parts that will go into it made. I am now at a stage where I need to make sure that I have enough organization to my files that I do not lose anything between what I am building in Blender and the finished game over in Unity. Not something I have had to do before now, so it is a lesson in file management for me.

I have got out an old 3 column ledger book, one of those massive old fashioned things (10″x12.5″ in size and currently 1/3rd of an inch thick (it’s lost a bunch of pages over the years)). It will likely lose a few more as I refine my asset logging skills, but for now it is working nicely to let me list the map with sub entries for all of the assets that go into it and then mark off checks in the cash columns for indicators on if the parts have been UV mapped, had their normals checked, got all the parts properly parented and been centered in the mesh.. etc, etc, etc. I even have a small column where I am able to indicate if the piece is a map part or an asset, which helps. One column is being used for Unity test phases so I can mark if the item loaded properly into Unity. So far only one item has got a red x in that column’s first test line. The chairs I made had an issue when I loaded them into Unity where they came out massive compared to the rest of the things I had made.

Once I have the time I plan to recreate the asset ledger in Open Office Calc so I can have easier control over what goes where than I have with pen and paper. Move things and add stuff in. I might make it over in Google’s spreadsheet instead, just so I can make use of that Chromebook and bring up the assets list on that while working on the computer – save brain matter in the poor PC.

So far I have the map for the subway level made, a ticketing area, the subway cars, a bunch of signs, the tracks and the end-caps on the train tunnels, lights, and even a secret project that I am working on that seems to be coming along nicely, but I am not ready to say more about it.

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