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More work on the hospital model

I’ve finally got back to working on the hospital model again. I gave it some new textures from Poliigon for the bricks and concrete areas as well as a pebbled roof texture. I also re-scaled it to be more to scale for the 14 to 16 foot floor spaces that I discovered are average for labs.

All that done I started roughing out what I would like in terms of fire escapes and access stairs, then I did minor adjusting to the levels to make them line up better to the stairs at the end of the building. I added a few windows and pipes on the back side of the building just before taking the below screencaps.

I will most likely be focusing on the back alley corner, creating a good design there then working my way around to other areas. I also need to re-scale the textures because the brick pattern is too large for the building being a basic red brick structure.

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