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Fallout 4 settlers missing… settlers are on roof… uhm… What?

So, I’ve been playing Fallout 4 and I got this mission to talk to Sturges, only… I could not find him anywhere. I kept going to where it said he was based on the marker, but… no Surges. I spent quite a while hunting for him and finally decided that I needed to look up how to find him. First I went to empty the things I had into the storage chest at my house and as I stepped back out to the sidewalk and set my controller down, planning to go hunting on Google for how to find the missing settler, my camera was bumped just right to show me a view of the house across the street, the one the settlers wanted to settle into. And.. this is what I saw.

Sturges and the old fortune teller lady hanging out on the roof across the street. What the ???

I have no idea how they got up there other than some kind of odd glitch that tossed them up onto it, but getting them back down was as simple as going around back and building a staircase up to the roof of the carport. As soon as I got the stairs and a lookout platform built they both made their way back down off the roof and everything has been fine since then.

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