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Cold Alaska mornings without coffee

Last night, for the first time in several days, I turned the heater in my trailer on and set it to low because it just felt like it was going to be a cold night. It has been warm enough for several days now that I have stayed warm at night with just the heater in the small wooden Quonset that my trailer is connected to. This morning, however, when I woke around 7 a.m. to get back to work on my series, it was cold. I turned the heater in my trailer up to hi and am sitting here with my old battered sleeping bag wrapped around me and my critters curled up against my side. The worst part… no coffee. I made the last of the coffee yesterday and am pondering if the old grounds might squeeze out one more cup or if I’d just end up with barely flavored hot water.

Anyone looking to get me a holiday gift? Coffee is a lovely gift. And with that in mind I decided to poke around Amazon a little for coffee themed holiday gift ideas and picked out a few that caught my eye.

Strong Coffee Tee

Folks that know me know I love comfy tee’s with interesting designs, so it should be no surprise that this caught my eye. Although I am not sure about their commentary of “If you can’t stand it when your friends offer you Folgers or Maxwell house, you need this shirt!“, I happen to love both Folgers and Maxwell House coffee.

And, this brings me to…

The 12 Coffees of Christmas

A selection of 12 1oz packets of festive flavors that, according to the Amazon listing, includes: amaretto, peppermint, French vanilla, mocha, cinnamon, chocolate, spicy orange, Italian roast, hazelnut, Irish cream, a holiday blend, and a breakfast blend.

or, how about this sampler pack?

The Coffee Sampler Pack from The Swiss Colony, which comes in 1 1/2 oz packs of flavors that, again based on the Amazon listing, includes:

Chocolate Raspberry
Colombian Supreme
Morning Blend
Special Blend
French Vanilla
Holiday Blend
Cinnamon Streusel

So many coffees, so little time. Still, I am an old fashioned sort of gal, so for me just the basic Classic Roast Folgers coffee is my favorite blend of coffee. Add a little C&H granulated sugar and some whole milk… makes a very nice brew to get me going on cold mornings. Unfortunately, I did not see very many plain coffee gift packs on Amazon, so I guess that is something that is best a handmade gift basket.

So, I went to look for supplies for making a gift basket and this was one of the top results in the search…

Ferrero Rocher Hazelnut Chocolates, oh, yes please! These and the Lindt Lindor Chocolate Truffles, seen below, are two of my favorite chocolates along with the gold old Hershey’s Kiss (milk or dark chocolate varieties). So I can not at all argue at the Ferrero Rocher being a top entry on the search as something that someone might put into a gift basket, in particularly a coffee themed gift basket, as I can think of few things that go better with coffee than chocolate and hazelnuts.

I suppose to me the perfect coffee gift basket would be a small can of coffee such as Folgers or Maxwell House, classic roast medium or dark blend settled into a basket with a pack of Ferrero Rocher hazelnut chocolates, and some dark chocolate Hershey’s Kisses and a variety of Lindt’s truffles sprinkled around them. Add in a few basket fillers such as some coffee flavors or perhaps a bit of Baily’s Irish Creme or other coffee companion liquors, or maybe a small box of C&H sugar to fill in the basket under the coffees. Why C&H? Because I have found over the years that it takes at least twice the amount of generic brands to get the same sweetness as C&H, making the C&H cheaper and better for you in the long run in my humble opinion.

So… perfect holiday gift basket? Anything coffee to warm up the cold mornings!

You might notice that I did not include a gift basket staple the cup in my description and linked images? Well, in my experience people that drink coffee enough to appreciate a coffee themed gift basket already have a favorite cup to enjoy their warm ambrosia from, so any mugs would most likely just be novelty items to be tucked into a cabinet in favor of the preferred cup they already own. I actually own a few coffee mugs, including a pretty little white ceramic coffee mug with pink floral hearts and ribbons on it. Possibly once a Mother’s Day gift or something, I do not know, I think I got it in a second hand store. The other is a large clear mug that my sister-in-law gave me that makes wonderful mugs of tea and lets me see the slow swirling mix of milk into coffee when I add the milk to my coffee. And finally, a mug with eagles on it that was my father’s coffee mug for many years, having been bought for him by me as a birthday gift long before he had the stroke that left him half paralyzed. It was my father who got me to drinking coffee. I would smell coffee in the house every morning growing up, learned to brew coffee for him and my mom, then learned how to make his coffee for him how he liked it, which often meant I would take a sip of it to be sure I had the right amount of sugar in it. Those sips eventually lead to me getting a taste for coffee when I was in my mid 30’s.

I still recall how both of my parents took their coffee. Dad liked one spoon of sugar, rounded, and just enough milk or creamer to bring the coffee to a rich light tan color. My mom liked the same amount of creamer, no sugar. She could not stand even a grain of sugar in her coffee, even though she liked sweetened tea. Me… I have learned to drink coffee in many ways, how they drank it, or black with a bit of sugar, or just straight up black coffee, coffee with flavored powders, syrups, or liquors added… pretty much any coffee is good coffee to me. Just please, keep the caffeine in it. I can get withdrawal headaches if I do not get my caffeine in my coffee.

And I leave you with…



And yes, okay.. ONE mug… No, two… the Death Wish mug is sold out…

I saw them when I looked at the novelty coffees and just had to include them, they’re awesome!

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