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Destiny 2 locks gamers out of previously usable content unless they buy new DLC

While I was waiting for Destiny 2 to update on what it seemed was a 1 hour download for me, I went looking around on Facebook and found a post that mentioned Destiny 2. It seems that players who do not have the Curse of Osiris DLC are locked out of the Prestige difficulty for Leviathan, which they had access to before the Curse of Osiris DLC came along.

It seems… peculiar to me that Bungie would lock players out of this content, so I must wonder if there is something about the DLC that caused the content to be locked? If it was just to add a level of difficulty to the raid to match the DLC then they should have added a new ranking to that, but to lock out players who had previously had access to it for not reason other than to encourage the purchase of the DLC seems… odd. And not very good business.

I went browsing the Bungie forums a little and there seems to be a lot of aggression about this, enough that I backed away and decided not to read more. There also seemed to be a lot of people saying how the same thing had been done in the first Destiny, so, I’m not sure what to think about this. I will be waiting to see just what, if anything, Bungie has to say about the previously usable content getting locked behind the DLC.

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