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Dunluce Castle in Ireland… real world Wyvern’s Crest?

I was working on my series this morning and, as part of that, I was contemplating the place where I expect most of the series will take place. The city that, for now, bears the name Wyvern’s Crest. I was noting down what kinds of things the city has that make it such a vital focal point to my planned series and came up with…

What does Wyvern’s Crest do for my story? (Aside from providing an enclosed area within which at least 60% of the actual story arc will take place – why will so much of the story happen THERE?)

  1. It is the seat of leadership for not only the Crown, but many of the religious sects, including the Justicars

  2. It is an OLD city built upon the bones of older cities that rose and fell at that location (some literally falling off the cliff), this gives plenty of hiding spots for the thieves of the city as well as focused looks at the long history of both the city and the country – dating back to the very beginnings of the kingdom and somewhere in the mess and rubble of the old cities is the royal family’s first castle

  3. It is a place where both brothers will feel drawn back to no matter where else the story takes them

  4. It is perhaps the only place in the kingdom where the poor live in such very close proximity to the wealthy, making it a focused look at the extreme differences between the two classes

  5. It is where (I removed this point, because I am keeping it secret for now).

  6. It is a port city despite being built high upon a cliff. Stairwells and ladders and lifts go from the upper level down to the shipping port at the base of the cliff.

And I suddenly realized that I had seen a picture recently that was very close to the city I have had in my mind for what this place looks like. A few days back a friend shared an image of Dunluce Castle in Ireland on Facebook.

It even has the cave I had been envisioning to lead to a port hidden underneath the city. That area needs a bit of work to make it safe for ships to go in and out, but overall… this is I think as close as I can get in the real world to a frame of reference for what Wyvern’s Crest looks like. I look forward to doing some work in Blender someday to recreate this magnificent castle with the needed adjustments to make it look like the one I have been imagining.

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1 comment to Dunluce Castle in Ireland… real world Wyvern’s Crest?

  • Great article. I live not far from Dunluce Castle – on the stunning coast road.

    The Castle has a long and rich history…..going back many hundreds of years. The kitchen (at the front of your photo above) fell into the sea one evening, hundreds of years ago, apaprently during a big dinner gathering.

    Regarding your Wyvern’s Crest story. Dunluce Castle is really secure given it’s high vantage point – and also the amazing large cave that runs below the castle. That cave inlet allowed the castle to, if need-be, independent – allowing men and food to be transferred via the sea.

    Anyways, all my best regards from the North of Ireland.

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