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FFXIV RP escape

Earlier this evening I recalled that a group of people on Balmung server of Final Fantasy XIV were going to get together to do some roleplaying. I considered not going, then decided I would try, then messed up the time and thought it started several hours later than it actually did start, was almost an hour late to attending so almost blew it off since I really am not in a mood to socialize even online at the moment… and yet, I went head and went to the event and let the others know that I was most likely only going to stay back and quietly listen to what they were doing. Be a silent presence to the event.

It ended up I did a bit of RP with them all and for a brief time was starting to feel like my old self again. The troubles of the world were still heavy on my mind, but I allowed myself a brief respite from worrying on things I can not change and tried to let my mind escape as much as it could into the role of my character.

It reminded me of why it is I scrounged the cost of subscribing to the game together each month and why, if I can at all manage it, I should try to keep my subscription. The people I am hanging out with on Final Fantasy are some of the good ones, who will offer encouragement and comfort and do what they can to make things a bit easier on one another when life is hard. It is a group of folks I looked for for a long while on the game, and spending a hour or so with them a couple of times a month is a lot cheaper than seeing a therapist would be. And, besides that, it is nice to get the chance to roleplay from time to time and create stories within the setting of the game with others who see it, and our characters, as more than just what the base game provided.

I return now to work on my novels, having taken a little time to relax and share in an escape from the troubles of the world with my fellow roleplayers from Final Fantasy.

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