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Fires in California

I got to doing a bit of exploring on the TV my roomate had got me a few months ago and discovered that I can watch the news on it. It is one of those smart TVs, which had turned out to be the cheapest TV he could get when he bought it for me, and today I discovered that I can watch CBS news on it. I had assumed that it would be some kind of subscription based service or something, but it seems like I can just go to the news channel and watch it. Something that will now become a daily thing for me to start out the day.

Today’s top news, at least for me, is the wildfires in California. As soon as I turned on the CBS news channel it was covering the speed with which the fire had spread overnight. My heart goes out to the people who have lost homes to the blaze. I recall years ago when the Millers Reach fire here in Alaska swept past our home, only to be turned back by the change of winds and burn down our home while my parents and I stood on a nearby hill and watched.

We had pulled up to the intersection where a police car and the local news crew were. The Trooper stopped us and told my dad, “I can’t let you go down there, but if you tell me what house is yours I can try to take a look for you…” My dad described how to get to the house and the Trooper took off in his car. The news crew had been packing up their cameras as we had pulled up, the one realized what was going on and I have never seen people get cameras back out and set up so fast. They got filming again just as the Trooper told my dad that it was our house that we could see the flames coming up from, and for the rest of the time the Valley News was on the air you could see int heir opening sequence the silhouette of my father on the hill watching his home burn in the distance.

This morning I watched as people in Ventura, an area I once knew, were forced from their homes by fire and my heart goes out to them.

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