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How to Get The Division Global Event Masks

I have seen a lot of upset comments on the internet about the Global Event that Ubisoft is running for Tom Clancy’s The Division game, where the commenters are complaining that they will not be able to get the masks for the event because they can not get into the top tiers on the leader board.

If you want the masks seen in the image here, you do not have to get to the top of the leader board, they are gained by participation in the event itself.

To find out how to get the masks, open your menu and go to the Dossier in the top left corner. The 9th file in the Dossier, should be the bottom left corner, is the GE-STRIKE commendations list. You can see in this listing the requirements for all of the masks and the patches for this Global Event.

The camouflage mask is attainable by completing the Strike Boss Killer challenge. For this you need to kill Riker bosses during the event. If you find it difficult to kill the bosses in the missions, you can also seek out and kill the named bosses affiliated with the Rikers that was free roaming the city or are part of your Daily Mission missions. They count toward the mask.

The Best Frenemies mask is for completing a Strike Mission without taking any explosion damage from an ally. You need to enter a mission on World Tier 5 (go into your map and you can change world tiers (hold triangle on PS4 to change world tier). Set the difficulty to Hard or above, and set it for Tactical Strike. You will need to be in a group, so you can’t just solo to get this one (I don’t think), but just make sure that you keep enough room between you and everyone else so you do not get connected by that red line. This is probably a good time to practice backup healer and sniper on missions.

The Bomb Proof Mask is probably the hardest to get, but also really easy if you can get a few folks to help you out. You will need to play on World Tier 5, Hard difficulty or above, and in Pre-emptive or Tactical Strike, and avoid taking any explosion damage from either your allies or the enemies that are killed. (Probably bombs as well.) I got it by running a mission, Lexington Event Center, with one of my friends. First I stayed back while he went ahead and cleared out the enemies, with me providing healing and revivals during the mission (one really good revive where I had to go out where he was amid the bad guys and avoid them all while getting him back up, then I had to run find cover. It is doable though, so find someone who is willing to help out or a few folks to take turns with you on staying back in the group to you all of you this mask.

The leader boards are a harsh climb, but they are not required to get these masks. If you are on a PS4 and need some help, shoot me a message at ShadesDaughter and I will see if I can help you out before the event ends.

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