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Rogue Agents spreading Holiday misery

The season can not be said to be the best of seasons. Over half the people I know are suffering from the nastiest case of the flu that I’ve seen in many many years and the world is still completely off-kilter from the recent loss of my nephew. I am unemployed and trying hard to not fall into the darkest depths of depression having spent my Christmas Eve making out my unemployment forms rather than a wish list for Santa.

Today, while others are opening gifts and enjoying the warm glow of the holiday decorations, I am curled in my trailer hoping the electricity can be kept on and taking some quiet time to work on my character in The Division.

It seemed like a good way to spend the day, running around exploring post-apocalyptic New York frozen in a state of holiday decor in the wake of the devastation wrought by the Dollar Flu. Perhaps a bit dark given that there is a flu making the holidays miserable for so many, a flu that stole the life from my nephew not long after Thanksgiving… a very dark way to cope with the holiday, I suppose, but it is how I wanted to spend the few hours I have to try and escape my worries today.

I need to upgrade my gear, which means that I need to gather Division Tech. My character is just shy of being level 45 in the Dark Zone, so I decided I would spend my time killing cleaners, LMB, rioters and Rikers while going place to place opening the cases that hold Division Tech. And, throughout it, I would aid what fellow agents I found and maybe help a few others get gear out of the Dark Zone today.

Not quite focused enough to do much in the game I went down to the E 34th checkpoint in Zone 2 where the enemies are soft and squishy and lower end players are running around.

I marked the Division Tech that was only a block and a half away and stepped out of the checkpoint. There was a group of cleaners headed around the corner and I readied my seeker mine to toss at them when another agent stepped out beside me. I hesitated, knowing that as a lone agent in the Zone I had few if any allies in the Zone, but they did not make any aggressive moves, so I tossed out the Seeker Mine and started idly popping shots toward the enemy. I was still very uneasy about the agent beside me, so I conserved ammo and paid more attention to what the other agent was up to than what I was shooting at.

Things seemed calm enough, if they were a Rogue Agent they seemed content to not attack me, so I focused a but more on clearing out the path ahead. That’s when it happened. “Warning, an Agent in your vicinity has gone Rogue…”

I do not know if it was the person who had been beside me, I did not catch their name, but I did catch the names of the two who stood behind me and opened fire on me. AH-6DeathMaker and rodriler. I crawled my way bleeding into the nearby checkpoint (respawned in there) and stood near the door a few moments, the two were most likely not the one who had been beside me helping me clear out the cleaners, because they had attained Rogue status 2 by the time I had made it back to the Checkpoint and peeked through the door out to where they were. (I could see their names through the door.) They stayed out there for a good long time, shooting the door and throwing bombs at it. They clearly knew I was there and were intent on making sure they took me out if I tried to step back out of that door.

I could have gone to anther checkpoint, or out of the Dark Zone, but I stayed where I was and waited, a good long time, until they tired of spawn camping and moved away in search of other Agents to attack. As long as they were focused on me and trying to take me on, they were little threat to my fellow Agents in the Dark Zone.

And, that has become my role in the Dark Zone… to safeguard my fellow Agents from threats not only of the enemies that lurk in the Dark Zone, but from Rogue Agents when I can. I am alone most of the time, so the best I am able to do in most instances is to lead the Rogue Agents away from others, but when I can I will stand and fight – even if I know it will always be a losing battle. Yesterday I lured a Rogue away from another agent and into a building where I realized I was not going to escape, so I stopped and turned to fight. I had almost taken the Rogue Agent down when they landed the finishing shot on me. Another agent, the one I had tried to save, arrived and opened fire on the Rogue, the two going down at the same moment. I was happy to see the Rogue pay for their actions, but it was so much nicer when two agents passed me a little bit later and one of them called out over open mic, “ShadesDaughter, I got that Rogue that took you out.”

I tried to respond, but by the time I got my mic plugged in and on they were out of range. The other agent had heard me and paused, however, and we had a nice long talk about the fun of playing in the Dark Zone and the low levels some Rogues will go to to ruin that fun. Such as the Rogue Agent the night before who had joined a party I was in and ran with our group for a good half an hour as we picked up some stash crates. When we went to airlift the crates out ReviKillz left our party and tried to hijack the loot off the rope. I and the person with me opened fire on ReviKillz while I called out to the member that had moved out of the area to get back to the area and help us. ReviKillz managed to take me and the person with me down, but our buddy arrived and kept the Rogue Agent away from the rope long enough that our items were safely airlifted out.

Another agent I met because I had gone to help them extract their loot. It is something I will do, go to extraction points and take on the enemies while the other agent(s) get their loot out. It is good experience and can sometimes make the difference for solo agents who might be getting overwhelmed by enemies. It also adds a bit of help should a Rogue Agent show up. After I had helped the person get their loot out the two of us set off through the city, we were not planning to run the same path, at least I was not, but we ended up heading to the same checkpoint. Just before arriving at the checkpoint we paused and gave a few emotes of thanks and yer welcomes on the aid I had given, then… “Warning, an Agent in your vicinity has gone Rogue…”

I had not realized until then that if an agent went Rogue it meant that *I* could not enter the checkpoint either, but it popped up with a warning when I tried to go in that I could not enter a checkpoint when in PvP. So, I turned and took cover at a nearby truck while the two of is paced a bit and weighed our options on how to best come out of the encounter in one piece. My options were limited, so I dropped my Seeker Mines and the Rogue Agent turned to run from them while I headed for the door to try it again. I guess enough distance had been placed between me and the other Agent, or something, because the second time the door opened and I was let into the Checkpoint. It was Rogue Agent done right. No sneaking, no backshooting, no finding an agent under fire and helping the Rikers or Cleaners finish them off, and no pretending to be a buddy only to try to take loot when they think no one is close enough to stop them. That Agent Gave me time to react and the two of us had an enjoyable few moments of figuring out the best way for us to get though the situation. I would go play Tag in the Dark Zone with that person any day. I would also play tag with those who have in the past helped me get my gear out then stepped back and went Rogue and given me time to react before the fight started.

To those who spawn camp or pretend to be friendly only to pick the best moment to attack Division Agents… I’m getting my gear improved and, despite your efforts, I am earning more experience in the Dark Zon, and soon… I’ll be hunting you down.

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1 comment to Rogue Agents spreading Holiday misery

  • Eren

    Man I read this article almost everyday. I’m an 18 year old who lives in Turkey. My conuntry is having bad days with a bad economy. Unfortunalty I have PS4 and I can’t afford to buy games. Luckly Division was on discount. me and my friends decided to buy it. I played it almost everyday for 1 month I have a pretty good gear, 290 gear score and strong weapons. no matter what I have I keep trusting people in DZ and they always stap me in the back.. thats why I don’t play that game anymore I’m sick of spawn campers, backstapers etc. I want to start again but have no idea what can I do to beat them. Can you write a new article? I wonder what happened after you decided to fight back..

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