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The Dark Zone in The Division needs a non-combatant status

Ubisode has made revised the Dark Zone area in their game The Division, however, their revision is one that encourages more rogue agents in the Dark Zone, making the game more difficult for the casual player.

Update 1.8 has redefined the mechanics in the Dark Zone so that the high risk/high reward area with possible PvP encounters no longer has accidental Rogue Agents, however, those seeking to just explore the Dark Zone are given no protection of their own from these encounters.

Players who want to go Rogue now need to actually select an option to go Rogue, removing the dangers of accidental friendly fire. Unfortunately, this means that the players who lack decent gear or are not quite as quick on the trigger as the Rogue Agents are helpless prey to these Agent killers when they encounter them in the Dark Zone.

My build is as a long distance sniper, to back up my team in PvE matches and provide a last line of safety with my Recovery Link skill, a skill that instantly revives my team mates when they are downed. This means that my toughness and close range combat skills are… miserable at best. I have a double barreled sawed off shotgun, for those “Oh shit! Kill it FAST!” moves when things get up close and personal, but the shotgun is two shots then a slow reload. Great when it is one, maybe two enemies in close quarters, but not so great when that enemy is decked out to the max in tank gear and it takes four shots from my shotgun to take them down.

I have a lot of fun in the Dark Zone when there are no Rogue Agents deciding that my squishy sniper is their favorite target, but it gets rather old to have Rogue Agents kill off my character then blast some kind of annoying music about killing people over their mics while I am waiting to respawn.

I would like the ability to either block people or to be able to set my status to non-combatant so that I can enjoy that part of the game, without the people who think it is fun to sneak up behind their fellow players and open fire on their back. I get that the Dark Zone is a high risk / high reward area, but there should not be forced PvP in the area where players are trying to get good gear to let them play the game. Rather than making players have to opt-in for going Rogue, how about players have to opt-in on PvP completely, both Rogue Agents and their prey. There are plenty of times I enjoy a bit of tag in the Dark Zone, but there are other times, like this week when I am under HIGH stress from having lost both one of my nephews and my job in the same week, when all I want is to relax and play the game as a game, not as a competition between me and better geared players.

Please, Ubisoft – add in a need to opt-in for PvP in general, not just a need to opt-in to go Rogue. Give the non-Rogues a chance to enjoy the Dark Zone part of the game too. Thank you.

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