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The Division down for maintenance today, not Tuesday? And NinjaBike messenger bag.

I was going through a legendary mission at the Times Square event on world tier 5, and we were doing really good on it, up until I was suddenly kicked out of the game and a message popped up when I tried to log back in that says:

The Division services are not available at
this time. Please try again later.
DELTA                                             C-1-200

On the sign in screen there is a message that says:

Scheduled Server Maintenance
This Tuesday at 09:00 CET, 03:00 AM EDT, 12:00 AM PDT. Estimated down time: 3h

Hopping over to the Twitter account for The Division and I find:

The Division – 13m
Heads up, Agents! The in-game maintenance message accidentally says “Tuesday” instead of “Thursday”. You did not time travel. We are sorry for any confusion caused!

So… argh… I have a few hours to spend on things not Division when I was all comfy and settled in to do some good runs on a few places before everyone doing the event things went to bed for the night.

The next few days are going to be really busy for me, so I was looking forward to gaming tonight, but, ah well… I got some nice things, including The Pakhan exotic light machine gun with a score of 264, The Urban MDG exotic with a score of 266, and… drumroll please?… the NinjaBike messenger bag exotic, score of 273, but the best part about the NinjaBike messenger bag is that it can take the slot for any of the Gear Set items. This means that I can equip one of give different Gear Set items into my gear slots for everything other than the backpack, then put the NinjaBike messenger bag in the backpack slot, and it acts like I have two pieces of all the rest of the gear equipped. I am currently running it with three pieces of the Alpha Bridge to get the the benefit of not worrying about where my mods ago, so I can increase the firearms more, then adding a couple of other pieces to help with my Dark Zone funds (20% boost to them), and a Gear Set that lets me do a bit more damage.

I am so delighted to get to add the NinjaBike messenger bag to my gear collection. I had heard about it earlier this evening from another player, and I never dreamed I might actually get it during the event.


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