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Scorpius Port


29716 of 50000 words

Sponsored by Featured Fiction

Two man run of The Division’s Lincoln Tunnel mission during the Global Event Strike

The city had gone to hell thanks to the Dollar Flu, and amid the chaos rioters laid siege to the Lincoln Tunnel in a poorly thought through desire to blow the flood gates and get out of Manhattan. A team of agents had been sent in to help stop the rioters, but they were immediately pinned down and being overwhelmed.

I arrived soon after the fighting began and moved to provide cover fire and healing support to the three men who had arrived ahead of me. As I got them up and moving each of them fell back, leaving me to keep the rioters from following the wounded back up the street.

Once the mob of rioters was dealt with I moved to check on the two agents still on their feet. A fifth agent had been sent in and as he moved toward me I headed on into the tunnel once again, expecting for us to all continue forward. Within moments, however, I realized the two who I had saved had fallen back and headed for the base, leaving just me and the newest arrival to hold the tunnel until more agents could join us.

Neither one of us thought twice before we ran forward, determined to complete the mission, no matter the odds. Even if it was just the two of us and a handful of JTF against the rioters.

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