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Here it is, the first of my Fallout 4 Let’s Play videos

In this special 4 part set to kick off my Let’s Play series for Fallout 4:

Tristan Hawke, a former military special forces sniper, finds his life devastated by the onset of nuclear war. Tristan flees his home in the suburbs with his wife, Nora, and their infant son, Shaun, to seek out the safety he has been told awaits them in the latest of Vault-Tech’s survival shelters – Vault 111, but is it really the safe place the Vault-Tech representative claimed it to be? Or does Vault 111 harbor dark secrets and hidden dangers?




This is a Fallout 4 Let’s Play video – the first in a series of Let’s Play videos for Bethesda’s Fallout 4, that I am making as my starter project in learning how to make game play videos. This is not only the first in my Let’s Play Fallout 4 series, it is also the very fist Let’s Play gameplay video I have ever made.

This special starter set of videos totals about an hour’s worth of gameplay, and has been divided into roughly 15 minute blocks. (Think of it like the hour long premier of a new series set in Bethesda’s Fallout setting.)

I am playing the Game of the Year Edition of Fallout 4, so I have all of the Add-ons.

The Add-ons included with the GOTY edition are:
Wasteland Workshop
Far Harbor
Contraptions Workshop
Vault-Tech Workshop

I am also using Bethesda’s Fallout Pip-Boy app on my cell phone

The Mods I have installed are:
[PS4] OCDecorator
[PS4] STC – Base Game – Scrap That Commonwealth!
[PS4] STS – Base Game – Scrap That Settlement!
Gone Hunting/Fishing
[PS4] Simple Camping
[PS4] Posters of the Commonwealth
[PS4] Static Baskets and Bins
Postwar Workshop
And can be found at Bethesda’s Fallout 4 mods site.

I can’t include music in my videos, but, if you want to listen to the game’s music you can find it over at Amazon, I highly recommend it, the game has awesome music.
Fallout 4 (Original Game Soundtrack)

And, it figures that while I am snuggled in my coat to stay warm I should find:
Fallout Fleece Blankets
I want them all. lol

[Note: Some of the links included with this video are affiliate links]

Permission to create this video and monetize it has been kindly granted by Bethesda

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