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Scorpius Port


29716 of 50000 words

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Update on novel progress: Scorpius Port

I’ve been working on Scorpius Port and it is now at roughly 25,000 words of rough draft material and still going strong, with the rest of the story planned out in small snippets of what the scene should have in it and accomplish. I revised the story a bit from the original plan, making what had been first planned to be two minor characters into the lead characters instead and have found the story works much better with that change, I also have settled on a solid antagonist, who surprised me, since they had started out as one of the characters that was supposed to be a good guy in the story. I am hoping that, because of the tilt from good guy to antagonist, their motives are able to be made feel real and the character can be transformed into a solid villain rather than being one who is only there to be the bad guy.

I’m going back through the How to Think Sideways and How to Write A Series courses as I work on the story, since I am hoping that this can be a stand-alone that could start off a series.

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