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Does Purdue University want to destroy the Christian family unit?

In short, I don’t think so. But if you read the comments on any of a growing number of sites where the topic of the Purdue Writing Style Guide is being discussed, then you would see that there are many out there who think, genuinely think, that destruction of the Christian family unit is exactly what Purdue University wants.

So, what does Purdue want? Well, I would recommend that anyone who truly wants to know take a trip over to the Stereotypes and Biased Language style guide and see for themselves what the fuss is about.

Oh, wait, I am sorry, I think I just offended some of my readership by how I phrased that, let me try again…

So, what does Purdue want? Well, I would recommend that any man or woman who truly wants to know take a trip over to the Stereotypes and Biased Language style guide and see for himself or herself what the fuss is about.

The fuss is about the use of gender biased words when writing. There are a lot of people, sorry – men and women, getting upset about the Purdue guide at the moment, they, he or she sees it as being an attack on the Christian family unit. I will state my personal opinion here in saying that I do not understand this at all, what a specific person, sorry, man or woman chooses to call themself, uhm… himself or herself, is up to them… err, him or her.

I have to say that, as a writer, trying to make sure I was NOT gender neutral in the above paragraph was so much harder than just writing in a normal manner. As a reader it is much harder to read and comprehend in the corrected format than how I had wanted to write it. Each of the above words that I struck out were what I felt was the natural word choice in those cases, however, the people, sorry, men and women, who are against Purdue’s guide to Stereotypes and Biased Language are, from what I have read, of the mindset that only my corrections are proper.


Well, I’m pretty sure that this is where it crosses from a literary debate into a social debate. You see, there are men and women (people) out there in the world who identify as not exactly being a man or a woman, and it is those individuals that the men and women who oppose the Purdue guide are upset about.

Why? … I have no idea, I really don’t, on a personal opinion level here, I can not wrap my head around what difference it makes in a man or woman’s life how another person chooses to identify themself/himself/herself.

So, the journalist in me has decided that I want to figure out just why the way someone identifies theirself is a threat to so many others. I will be going out to research this, but for now I would love to hear what others have to say about this topic, so please, I hereby open the floor to my readers to share their, err… his or her thoughts in the comments below.

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