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Health scare from severe panic attack and stress

Last night I had a nasty health scare. I started feeling a painful burn in my ribs, the muscles across the back and wrapping around my chest hurt in sort of a burning pain manner. I tried to lay down to see if that would help ease the pain of the muscles, but after a little while it just got worse and worse. I started to worry about if it might be a heart attack, going over in my head everything I knew about heart attacks, and I also started to think on the fact that soon I was going to need to go see a doctor about the pain I have in my leg.

I tried moving all sorts of ways to get the pain in my rib cage to cease, and sometimes it eased off a bit, but then would just get really bad all over again. I took two aspirin and had my roommate make me a bottle filled with hot water I could put against my back. It seemed to help, but the pain kept flaring up and I kept going back to the worry about if I should have my roommate call my brother so he could take me to the ER.

It finally got bad enough that my roommate called my brother anyway and I talked with my brother, who walked me through the symptoms and asked about symptoms that would indicate a heart attack. I did not have any symptom of a heart attack other than pain and that was not in the heart area, just the muscles that wrapped around my chest and back. I took my blood pressure on an old machine I had left over from when I cared for my dad, and it said my blood pressure and pulse were in normal range, although the reading did indicate hypertension, but I was in very agitated state, so will check it again when I am not worked up and see what it says then.

I settled back down as comfortably as I could after that and tried to get the hot water bottle to ease the pain in my back some, but after an hour or so I was up again, the twisting in my muscles having spread inward to the point that I puked up everything I had ate earlier in the day. After that I was able to get a bit of sleep and somewhere in the night the pain eased off enough I stayed asleep.

When I woke this morning my back still ached, but most of the pain was gone and I could think over that happened. I have come to the determination that stress caused a panic attack that caused my muscles to start locking up and I entered a degenerative state where the more I hurt the more stressed I became, so the more my muscles locked up and made me hurt. Nasty cycle of pain caused by all of the stress I have been under the past few months. I long for things to calm to the point i no longer have to suffer from painful anxiety attacks like that. Stress in limited amounts I can handle, anxiety attacks I can weather through, but that was just… miserable. I’ve had those same situations in the past, but it’s been a while since the last episode that was that bad.

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