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Wheat Allergy?

I’ve been feeling like I am living in a fog bank. Worse, while stuck in this foggy mental state I lack the energy to try to get myself out of it, or to work, or to do much of anything. It has been a confusing situation, but one that has gone on so long that I did not really pay a lot of attention to it. There are a lot more that needs my attention than some tiredness that was, no doubt, being caused by being over-stressed.
Or was it?
Years ago, when I was a family caregiver, I accompanied my dad to a doctor’s appointment. His doctor noticed a rash on my arm, near my elbow, and started asking me a series of questions. She told me that, based on my responses, there was a good chance I might have an allergy to wheat. The only way to know for certain was a test of my liver, and I’ve been uneasy about going in for surgery for someone to chop up my liver, so I’ve just done my best to limit wheat in my diet.
Lately been extremely tired and feeling like I am living in a fog, something that comes and goes time to time but has been getting worse in recent months. Yesterday I noticed that within a short time of eating the only thing I wanted to do was go to sleep. Odd since it was only about 9 pm and I’ve been awake from stress until 6 am most days. I woke around 5 am and had some eggs and toast – and soon was soon sound asleep again. I woke up around 4 pm and had something to eat – again, bead was a part of the meal, and again I was asleep soon after eating.
This was all a bit too coincidental for me, so I did some research. Sure enough, extreme tiredness after eating wheat products is a sign of a wheat allergy. Today I have had no wheat of any kind and am still going strong at 9 pm, after having woke up around 6 am.
So, I am now making a serious change to my diet and eliminating as much wheat as I can for the next week to see how things go.
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